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Stanton Triangle Crane - Jimmy Jib


Our Jimmy Jib Triangle Cranes are portable and versatile.  They're fast to setup, and we can build them in many different configurations.


The Jimmy Jib can be mounted on:

  • Heavy duty tripod & wheels base.

  • Fisher or Chapman Dollies with the center mount.

  • Camera Cars

  • Some Golf and Gator Carts


Our Jimmy Jib remote heads can also be used as a “robo head” without the crane arm. We can mount the head to a tripod, truss, or grid, and operate it from up to 300ft. away.  The remote head is rated at up to 50lbs.


Our Jimmy Jibs feature:

  • Remote focus, iris, zoom, and start/stop for ENG/EFP Lenses-Cameras.

  • Zero Backlash- Quiet Drive motors. To control pan & tilt.

  • AC or DC power.

  • Optional remote focus/iris for Cine style lenses.  

         (available at an additional cost)


The length and camera payload capacity of our Jimmy Jibs rival some larger cranes while remaining  lightweight and versatile.

We custom build our jibs to meet the specific needs of your project, from as short as six feet to as long as 30 feet.


Our jibs require, at least, a two man crew.  A Jib Operator and a Jib Tech/Assistant.


If you have questions about our Jimmy Jibs or cranes in general please call or email.  We’re happy to help with your project.

Arm Configurations:


Modular and versatile,our Jimmy Jibs can be configured in lengths from 6 to 30 feet in 6 foot increments.

The reach and height are achieved with remote head under-slung. The Jimmy Jib Remote Head can be over-slung for certain applications.

JibTex - Jib - CDIFF Medical videos.
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